The Condom of Condoms: Greasy, Bacon Flavored Condoms

For those who love bacon and women, J&D Foods is selling their new bacon flavored condoms. I guess bacon can be used for everything now, especially for those intimate moments you have with your significant other.

I can just imagine all that grease and the aroma of fried bacon filling the air when you’re handling your business. Nothing beats pork on your “meat” guys lol!

You can actually buy the condoms or any bacon influenced merchandise from J&D’s website.

Are You Ready For a $1,000 Chocolate Easter Egg?

Easter is vastly approaching and what better way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead than by getting a delicious $1,000 chocolate Easter egg? Master French Chocolatier Thierry Atlan has created this beautiful masterpiece and it’s actually going to be sold in  New York and New Jersey dessert shops called Sugar and Plumm.

I mean from the looks of it this Easter egg seems like it could have been made at a Baskin Robbins–no offense to anyone who works there :) Anyways, for $1,000 I hope people are getting their money’s worth. Even if they are using the most rare or the most “fancy-shmancy” of chocolates, or if the ingredients they use are from the hills of Mount Zion, I  certainly can’t justify paying that much money for something that will be eaten by 5 year old kids in a day.

I suppose Easter is no longer about the celebration of the risen Jesus, but more of how businesses can make money by selling $1,000 chocolate Easter eggs. Trying not to make a political statement, but COME ON! There are chocolate Easter eggs that come in bulk which can be bought at a grocery store for 5 bucks! OK that’s my 2 cents on the matter. Happy Easter everybody! :)


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“You Think You’re Funny?” Survey! Free prize to the first 10 People who Participate!

Hey Humor Fans!

I am conducting a “just for fun” survey for the purposes of “just for fun”! lol
There are only 7 questions and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time :) Please feel free to hop on and take the survey during your “free time” at work or taking a break from your rigorous, academic studies.

Also if 10 People manage to participate in the survey they will get a free prize that will be announced by the end of this month (March 31st, 2013). To make sure you are one of that lucky 10, please send an email to with the subject line “You Think You’re Funny?” Survey and in the main body write “I participated in the survey!”.

Good luck and have fun taking the survey :)


The Mouth Cleaning Tongue Mounted Toothbrush

I guess there’s finally a lazy way to brush your teeth without having to use your hands. Two guys, Adel Elseri and Said Fayad, invented the Tongue Mounted Toothbrush which could revolutionize the way toothbrushes are used and designed (or so it would seem).

I’d give it a try since I am very lazy when it comes to brushing my teeth especially at night before I go to bed (gross, I know!). A prototype of the tongue mounted toothbrush is seen here:

Tongue Mounted Toothbrush

I’d probably wear this on my tongue the whole day almost everyday–well not when I’m eating whole onions and large cloves of garilc or drinking large amounts of beer! Be on the lookout for the Tongue Mounted Toothbrush folks! Coming to store shelves near you!

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Pump-Action Oreo Shotgun

Ever wonder what it would be like to use Oreo cookies in a hand made shotgun? For me, it’s definitely a waste of delicious goodness, but for other people Oreo cookies are good ammunition rounds.

Joerg Sprave, the designer of what he calls the ,”Oreo Separation Pump Gun” (fancy Russian name for it) shows a demonstration on how the gun works. I must admit that the power of the shotgun is pretty impressive even when using Oreo cookies :) Known as the “cookie destroyer” and “meat lover” Mr. Sprave definitely knows how to entertain folks especially with Oreo crumbles splattering everywhere.

This video will definitely lighten the mood especially when it comes to the whole “Gun Laws” debate. Maybe the NRA and the U.S. government can come to an agreement–use Oreo cookies for ammunition instead of banning assault weapons and basically revamping the 2nd Amendment lol! At least the Oreo cookies won’t kill anyone. Actually, if consumed in large quantities the saturated fat will definitely put an end to life.


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If You Like Curly Fries on Facebook, You are Highly Intelligent

Facebook Like

So I suppose if you have a craving for science, philosophy, and mathematics chances are you also have a huge craving for curly fries. Cambridge University researchers did a study that took a pool of 58,000 Facebook users and studied their “Like” behaviors.

So truth be told, if a guy “Likes” Wicked the musical, chances are he might be gay or is gay. If a person “Likes” WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) chances are that person is straight. The same goes for people who like curly fries–liking curly fries on Facebook means you are a genius! This one is beyond me. I suppose liking traditional French fries is not as “smart” as liking curly fries. I actually prefer curly fries over regular fries. So, I guess that makes me a genius! Winning! LOL

Best Way to Pick Up Any Girl’s Number Prank

YouTube channel, Whatever, has created another great video of an interesting and ingenious way of picking up a girl’s phone number. A great prank indeed!

If you want to pick up a cute chick’s number in style without being a creep, I think this is the best way to do so. It’s like one of those moments where you say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”–especially when girls already come with that “ACCESS DENIED” label on their foreheads.

By the way, if any guys out there who see this video and decide to try it on a few female victims, please actually try calling them back. It’s basically adding insult to injury for deceiving them in the first place and then not even bother calling them. Some of these girls might have liked this little prank you pulled off ;) So don’t get these girls’ hopes up if you are not going to follow through lol!


Loyal Customer Gets Netflix Tattoo, Gets 1 Year Free Subscription

Netflix Tattoo

Tattoos are good for more than just showing it off as prolific body art. Getting a tattoo, especially a Netflix tattoo can score you (or maybe just this one lucky person) a free 1 year subscription.

Some guy with a Twitter handle @TheRealMyron tweeted about his infamous Netflix tattoo which got rave attention from the company itself. Keep in mind, that there was no competition or promotion for this and this was just a loyal customer showing some real love for Netflix and their services.


Honestly, the tattoo itself is horrendous to look at, but if it saves almost $100 a year in streaming services then I’m almost game to get one (if Netflix would be so obliged to offer another free year subscription to another crazed fan :) ).

Korean Video Game: Hide The Fart


It’s hard to hide your farts in real life, but in a video game that’s kind of challenging. This Korean game called “Hide the Fart” is a game of literally hiding your player’s fart when the sound of cars are passing by. But if you fart too soon or too late, then, “UH OH!” the person standing next to you will give you the LOOK of DEATH!

It’s a pretty simple game to play and there are different levels of fart sounds to choose from. You build up gas if you’re not farting and if you build up too much, you skyrocket up into the sky! The bigger the fart sound the more gas you empty out.

This game can be downloaded as an app as well. So if you have an android phone, iPhone, or tablet you can be farting away in no time!

Here is the link for the original version of the game. FYI, the game link I provide is different (graphics, game play, controls etc.) than the one you might download from an app store.

Enjoy and fart on!

The Real Easter Egg Sold in Major Supermarkets: Jesus Story Exclusive!


I guess Easter isn’t really all about the delicious Easter egg chocolates you can consume in an entire day. Rather, Easter is about Jesus, sacrificing Himself on the cross and dying for “Our Sins”. YAH, tell that to a bunch of hyper-active kids who are jacked up on chocolate eggs. But aside from that, if you’re going to eat these sugary, chocolatey delights make sure you get the right one!

Introducing The Real Easter Egg, which a group of hardcore Christians have lobbied for all supermarkets to carry. Now, most shops especially in the UK have The Real Easter Egg chocolates stored on their shelves.


So, you’re probably asking yourselves, “What’s the difference between these eggs and other ones that people see in stores every year?”. The difference is that these eggs have JESUS on the box and a mini story of HIS death and resurrection. Also, not to mention the cool Jesus quiz that kids might be interested in. I mean, what good are these eggs if there is no quiz about Jesus–I need my Jesus IQ to be top notch!

So a message to all those Christian fanatics and people who celebrate Easter: Go and buy The Real Easter  Eggs! They have history, cool mini activities for the kids, and I bet they are magically delicious!

Here is the site where you can learn more about The Real Easter Eggs!