Curly Fries

If You Like Curly Fries on Facebook, You are Highly Intelligent

Posted on March 13, 2013

Facebook Like

So I suppose if you have a craving for science, philosophy, and mathematics chances are you also have a huge craving for curly fries. Cambridge University researchers did a study that took a pool of 58,000 Facebook users and studied their “Like” behaviors.

So truth be told, if a guy “Likes” Wicked the musical, chances are he might be gay or is gay. If a person “Likes” WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) chances are that person is straight. The same goes for people who like curly fries–liking curly fries on Facebook means you are a genius! This one is beyond me. I suppose liking traditional French fries is not as “smart” as liking curly fries. I actually prefer curly fries over regular fries. So, I guess that makes me a genius! Winning! LOL