oreo shotgun

Pump-Action Oreo Shotgun

Posted on March 18, 2013

Ever wonder what it would be like to use Oreo cookies in a hand made shotgun? For me, it’s definitely a waste of delicious goodness, but for other people Oreo cookies are good ammunition rounds.

Joerg Sprave, the designer of what he calls the ,”Oreo Separation Pump Gun” (fancy Russian name for it) shows a demonstration on how the gun works. I must admit that the power of the shotgun is pretty impressive even when using Oreo cookies :) Known as the “cookie destroyer” and “meat lover” Mr. Sprave definitely knows how to entertain folks especially with Oreo crumbles splattering everywhere.

This video will definitely lighten the mood especially when it comes to the whole “Gun Laws” debate. Maybe the NRA and the U.S. government can come to an agreement–use Oreo cookies for ammunition instead of banning assault weapons and basically revamping the 2nd Amendment lol! At least the Oreo cookies won’t kill anyone. Actually, if consumed in large quantities the saturated fat will definitely put an end to life.


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