$1,000 Chocolate Easter Egg

Are You Ready For a $1,000 Chocolate Easter Egg?

Posted on March 22, 2013

Easter is vastly approaching and what better way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead than by getting a delicious $1,000 chocolate Easter egg? Master French Chocolatier Thierry Atlan has created this beautiful masterpiece and it’s actually going to be sold in  New York and New Jersey dessert shops called Sugar and Plumm.

I mean from the looks of it this Easter egg seems like it could have been made at a Baskin Robbins–no offense to anyone who works there :) Anyways, for $1,000 I hope people are getting their money’s worth. Even if they are using the most rare or the most “fancy-shmancy” of chocolates, or if the ingredients they use are from the hills of Mount Zion, I  certainly can’t justify paying that much money for something that will be eaten by 5 year old kids in a day.

I suppose Easter is no longer about the celebration of the risen Jesus, but more of how businesses can make money by selling $1,000 chocolate Easter eggs. Trying not to make a political statement, but COME ON! There are chocolate Easter eggs that come in bulk which can be bought at a grocery store for 5 bucks! OK that’s my 2 cents on the matter. Happy Easter everybody! :)


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